shield-transparentQ: When and where is the next derby?
A: Soon to be announced the 15th of this month.  

Q: How can I become a racer in the derby?
A: Familiarize yourself with the updated racer packet (coming soon)
If you would like to be added the the racer mailing list for next years announcements Contact us.

Q: How do I sponsor the upcoming derby
A: Contact us for details.

Q: I’d like to volunteer to help out on the Derby. Who do I contact?
A: You should email our volunteer coordinator.

Q: I’d like to sell concessions at the Derby.  What do I need to do?
A: At this time, we may accept a small number of exculsive local food vendors and/or local businesses to set up your booth and market your services.  Contact us if you are interested in partnering up with our permit.
Note:  All agreements must be secured by June 1st in order to meet all Special Use Permit Requirements with the City!

Q: When was the first Derby?
A: The 1956 pupose built youth Soapbox Derby course was built for the youth and was sanctionly used untill 1965.  The Adult Soapbox Derby was first run in 1997.

Q:  How many racers enter the PDX Adult Soap Box Derby?
A:  Up to 42 so that we have enough time in the day to run a race every four minutes.

Q:  How much does it cost to watch the Derby?
A:  It’s free!  It’s a perfect day for a picnic!  Come on up to our sleepy volcano get comfortable, stay and enjoy the race!

Q:  How many spectators come to the Derby?
A:  Up to 5000
Note:  Due to the large volumn of people  please be advised this venue is not stroller and dog freindly.  Watch that child and leash your pet!