The Portland Adult Soapbox Derby is a free event, fueled by over 100 volunteers, typically held on the third Saturday in August.

40+ teams of racers hurtle down a closed course in hand-built contraptions, powered only by one push at the top of the hill, and the inescapable force of gravity.

Mt. Tabor Park is an extinct volcano nestled in the heart of Portland. It’s a wonderful place for a picnic and while you are there please remember that there is ongoing habitat restoration in the park. Please stay on trails and sit only in designated areas.

And for the love of Pete, please do not bring your dog. And keep your kids close. Seriously. It’s exciting to be right up at the track, but we don’t need anyone or anything running on to the track when the cars go by.

And maybe a backpack for the little one instead of a stroller? There are a ton of people up there, and the terrain is better navigated on foot.

Be kind to Mt. Tabor Park and we’ll meet again this coming summer.

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