The Portland Adult Soap Box Derby happens with the effort of countless volunteers and charitable donations. As a 501(c)3, the Derby operates with an oversight board that dedicates time and energy to see the derby event become a reality. More hands make for lighter work; contact to get involved in making this Portland event a reality.

Darcie on Track.jpg

Darcie Emmerson
Board Member

Lessons From a Business Pioneer

Long live the queen of the Mountain, Darcie's been envolved with promoting the Derby for since 2009. She knows the ins and outs of the event and what it takes to make it happen.

And she loves horses and dogs, but when it comes to Derby day, she'll beat the dead horse to let folks know its not an event for dogs, with all the cheers, beers, and loud horns.



Aaron Foster
Board Member

Beware of the Gold Rush

Aaron Foster is a racer, competing in the Portland Adult Soapbox Derby since 2007, and applies his many years of sports car and kart racing experience to Soapbox racing. He founded Team Formula Gravity which won the Mt. Tabor race in 2012 and has finished in the top 3 several years. He serves as Treasurer for the Derby and is a founding member of the P.A.S.D. board.  From track setup to safety inspections, Aaron supports Derby in many roles and loves the race with a passion, gathering history on the event which goes back to 1997.  He enjoys the life-long friendships and camaraderie between teams, volunteers, sponsors, and community. 

Jason Runing.jpg

Jason DeParrie-Turner
Public Relations
Board Member

Exit: Is It the Right Way Up?

With a mustache for promotion and eyeware for the photoshoot, Jason is everything you want for the media hoopla Derby promotion.



Dawn Adams
Racer Coordinator
Board Member

The Pilot and the Crew

Ex racer and long time derby supporter Dawn is there for a shoulder to cry on when the paper mache falls off the float, the log rolls down the hill, and the pusher falls flat. She knows the derby well, as organizer, builder, and racer.  

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Jeff Burns.jpg

Jeff Burns
Board Member

Road Rash Burns

An architect by day, parent by night, team mechanic by every waking second with a desire to go fast. Been in love with the derby since first setting foot on the hill in '07



Alex Marconi
Safety Crew Lead

The Pilot and the Crew

Old derby fan Alex saw we needed help picking up the pieces. The literal pieces. He's there to put racers back together and make sure all are well in the spills and chills.

Alex Safety.jpg

Joel Pickard
Pit Boss

The Boss & The Crew

Joels got your number. No, really, he has your number, and if you're not there, you might miss a race. He'll be you best bud to make sure your safe and sound to head down the hill, come race day. And he sports some nice shorts.


Nikki Phillips
Social Media Coordinator

She's got your Social

Nikki Phillips works in IT by day and is a Retro Gamer/MBA Student by night. She's been a volunteer and social media lead for various charity events since 2018 and loves creating content that brings people together for a greater cause. She lives in SE PDX with her husband (they're total nerds) and their dog Amos is really passionate about hiking and frisbees.